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I Will Not Vote In The Upcoming 2020 Genaral Elections- Donzy

Politicians are mostly associated with ‘deceit’. They make a whole lot of promises when campaigning, only to do nothing when elected into power.

Because of this and more, rapper Donzy Chaka has vowed not to involve himself in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

According to him, he will not waste his time and vote for any politician who will end up not fulfilling their promises.

He stated;

‘’I still won’t vote because there is no benefit in voting. People should understand because I have my own reasons. When I was a kid, all my family members were NPP so it was by force to go and vote. If not, you wouldn’t get money for food and go to school.

They will tell you a lot of things but when they get the power, the benefits are shared among themselves so I realized that there isn’t any sense in voting. They will tell you I will do 120 percent of this but when they are being voting for, you won’t even see 30 percent of what they promised is done.

When they want the power, they say a lot of things to get the votes but after winning power, they forget all these promises and amass wealth for themselves,’’