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I was unable to pay salaries for 7months – Bola Ray

CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray has finally revealed the reason why most of his staff left. He was rumored to be in some economic crisis following issues its’ mother company Unibank faced last year.

Many speculated that the reasons why over 10 top media personalities left the EIB Network was became of the financial crisis that Bola Ray was facing.

Speaking at this year’s International Youth Empowerment Summit held at the National Theatre, Bola Ray disclosed that indeed, he was facing some financial issues and how had to delay payments of salaries for 7 months in 2018.

Bola Ray further explained that people who couldn’t bear with the challenges that came with salary delays used different excuses to leave for other jobs.

According to him, out of 483 staff members of the EIB Network, over 100 left and about 300 staff members are still working for the company nationwide.

Watch video below: