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I Was Forced To Donate The Gold Jewellery To Afia – Qwaachi Reveals


Ghanaian musician Qwaachi, who gifted Afia Schwarzenegger jewellery after she was accused of stealing a gold chain, has disclosed that he was forced to donate those items to her.

About two weeks , Ghanaian actress and comedian Afia Schwar’s name was dragged in the mud by Nana Tornado who accused her of stealing a gold chain in the US, amongst other accusations

Afia has since been receiving gold jewellery from benevolent individuals who did not appreciate how her image was being damaged. (Or so we thought).

Qwaachi has revealed in an interview that he did not gift Afia the jewellery from the goodness of his heart but rather, he was forced by his management to do so.

He stated that aside social media where he reads news about her, he does not have any sort of relationship with Afia and was forced by his management to donate the gold watch, Rolex watch and a diamond earrings which cost not less than GHC 20,000 to her.

According to Qwaach, he has no idea why his management asked him to donate the jewellery and wasn’t happy about it because, he is getting to the apex of his career and does not want to get involved in any kind of drama, but as the saying goes ‘’do before you complain,’’ so he had to do what they asked as a sign of respect.

He also added that ‘’maybe, ‘’ the donation is part of his management’s strategic plan for his brand.

Qwaachi had a whole lot more to say during the interview,

Watch video below: