I Only Became A Sound Engineer By Mistake – Hammer

I Only Became A Sound Engineer By Mistake – Hammer

I Only Became A Sound Engineer By Mistake – Hammer

Legendary music producer, Hammer of the LAst Tow has revealed that he only became a sound engineer by accident. Hammer

According to Hammer, he wanted to become a film director back in the days but his partner who saw his potential pushed him very hard to become a producer.

He revealed this in an interview with Sammy Flex when he was asked why most of his compilations are not on iTunes. Hammer in a reply revealed that he was like a teacher who came to solve a problem and leaves; a reason why he lost most of his data with the exception of ‘Pae Mu Ka’.

“Let me tell you something about me. I became a producer by mistake. Don’t think Hammer is a crazy genius producer. I became a producer because my partner kept on saying, Hammer the way your mind works around music, you’re a producer.”

“So my partner pushed me to become a producer. He was the person who actually pushed and pushed and pushed.”

“I always felt I was going to leave this and go and do something else so the production thing wasn’t a thing for me.”

“It wasn’t like I was a growing producer who kept records of my works because I wanted to be a film director,” he narrated.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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