Harry Styles Leaves $2,020 Tip After Dinner with Adele and James Corden

Adele’s time at the beach with James Corden and Harry Styles has captured the attention of many fans for several reasons.

The top has been Adele’s weight loss transformationmaking its beach debut, bringing out much debate about her looks and if she’s lost too much weight.

The trio continued to make headlines on Sunday while eating out together at a seafood restaurant as they travel between Anguilla and the Virgin Islands according to The Sun. Both Adele and Styles decided to do a solid for their waiter, dropping a tip that was a perfect fit for the new year.

The pair left a tip for 400 percent of the final bill, standing at $472.00. If you need help with the math, that makes it a nice $2,020 tip for their meal. Bartender at the Caribbean Fish Market Yahya shared an image of the receipt and a selfie with Corden and Styles on Instagram Saturday night, praising the group for their generous act.

“Big ups to [Harry Styles] for taking care of Mr Big Life! [Donnie Wahlberg] you got the second worldwide response from Harry Styles all the way from St Thomas Virgin Islands with [James Corden] and [Adele]. Happy new year guys!” the bartender captioned the photo of the receipt on Instagram.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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