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Ghana Entertainment Industry Is Dangerous – Guru Laments

Guru used to be at the top of his game in the entertainment industry, but for a while now he has been missing in action.

He has recently revealed that the entertainment industry is very dangerous and full of back stabbers.

According to the CEO of NKZ, the things happening behind closed doors in the industry are alarming. And to make it, one needs to align themselves with the bad guys. As the saying goes, if you cannot beat them, you join them right?

‘’ The things happening behind the scenes in the industry is alarming an unfortunate. For you to vibe with them, you’ve got to pretend else you can’t achieve anything. Personally, I’ve been sabotaged a lot in reference to ambassadorial deals, awards, amounts paid after performance and a whole lot.

Your colleagues can talk to an event organizer and take huge money and the person will come to you trying to give out something small to help him on the event day. Sadly, after taking the meagre amount because of brotherly love, he’ll go out saying is a cheap artiste..,’’ he lamented.