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Funny Face Assaulted By Policeman During Movie Shoot In Kasoa (Video)

In a recent Instagram post from actor Funny Face, It shows how he was assaulted by a police officer while on set. shooting his tv series Kasoa Trotro.

In the video he stopped shooting and was seen leaving the set after the police had interrupted. Whiles, he tried to leave the scene the policeman grabbed him by his shorts pulling him back.

After the incidence the Actor took to his Instagram page to express himself. He wrote:

“God bless all good police men and women 🙏❤️👌 .. When we are doin our best to Educate Ghanaians on sanitation and road safety through my new tv series #KasoaTrotro .. for no reason dis police u see in da video .. and listen to how people were hooting at him .. somebody says “ saaa ofri wei koraa de3n na 3ha no “ he dicided to embarrass me .. a man says he heard him saying “m3gu na nim asi “ really .. Brother u can’t disgrace me oo .. seee how everybody was shaming u ! We blessed and it’s forever .. #kasoaTroTrotill I die .. I should stop filming .. cos people are shouting my name .. wao , “ otan hunu 333ya “🙏🙏 God is my greatest protector ..❤️👯‍♀️”

watch video below: