Free Mama Gee Now – Champaign Goes Viral On Social Media (Video)

It looks like Mama Gee’s charm has worked for some ladies and they probably need more of the herbal charm, but with their supplier in police custody, they have no way of purchasing more products.

A #FreeMamaGeeNow campaign has been launched on social media by her clients who demand the release of Mama Gee and her shop reopened for operation.

Although some of the ladies revealed that her supposed charm is fake, others shared testimonies as to how her charm has helped save marriages.

The main reason why the #FreeMamaGeeNow campaigners are angry that the authority has refused to punish some powerful people who engage in illegal activities in the country but have arrested a woman who is actually helping women.

Her clients claim that the product Mama Gee sells is not juju, but just a mixture of herbs which helps ladies keep their ‘’private part’’ clean.

Watch Video Below:

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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