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Fella Makafui Exposed By Tour Guide

Fella Makafui is always in the news for one reason or the other and it’s mostly not for the right reasons. Today is not an exception.

Fella has been exposed by one Delphine Nana Asante who is a resident in Dubai. Delphine, who is a tour guide, claims Fella Makafui was lured for sex in Dubai for GHC 7 in leaked text.

Delphine happened to be Fella Makafui’s tour guide during her visit to Dubai. She claims Fella owned her.

Delphine explained how she catered for Fella’s expenses because she was told by the actress, that a certain man in the Country will be paying for her expenses.

Fella showed an amount of 5 dirhams (GHC 7) to Delphine thinking it was 500 dirhams (GHC 789), but after Delphine drew her attention to the situation at hand, she was very disappointed.

According to Delphine, Fella promised to pay her back but as at now, she hasn’t received any payment. Delphine said she sent several messages to Fella but did not receive any reply.

She dropped another shocking piece of news when she indicated that Fella has been sleeping with men for low cash in Dubai.

There is however no evidence backing these allegations so it cannot be confirmed if this is true of a lie.