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Fantana threatens to EXPOSE Wendy Shay and Bullet after being sacked from Rufftown Records

Rashgh.com reported earlier that Bullet has ‘sacked’ Fantana over her recent reckless statements on interviews.

Bullet in his recent post subtly indicated that Fantana is no longer with his label as he excluded her name in his signed artists.

However, Fantana has confirmed that she has been sacked from Rufftown Records as she threatened to expose Bullet and Wendy Shay.

Fantana who is infuriated by Bullet’s recent post took to her social media handles to disclose that she had wanted to leave Rufftown Records for a very long time and that Bullet publicly creating the impression that he sacked her is untrue.

She threatened to expose Bullet and Wendy Shay very soon since they have decided to make things public.

Fantana revealed that Bullet and Wendy Shay have been bullying and tortured her for a very long time till she took the bold decision to leave the label.

Read Fantana’s full post below:

“Dear Wendy & Bullet, You guys started this and I will simply end it. It’s so funny how you feel the need to publicly humiliate me making it seem like you KUT ME from the label when the whole time I’m the one who has been wanting to leave! You know my number, and my house. You guys have bullied me and tortured me ENOUGH. I won’t allow you guys to use me , play me and make me look like the bad guy. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. The TRUTH THAT YOU BOTH ARE SCARED OF. Since you guys want everything to be public. WHY DONT I JUST TELL THE TRUTH?”