Fantana Confirms Her Arrest but States It Wasn’t Because of Theft.

Ever since Rufftown records new signee was revealed to the world, she has been finding herself in one trouble or another. Her recent predicament was when a document surfaced on social media suggesting that she was once arrested in the states for theft. 

Fontana has finally decided to throw more light on this allegation. According to Francine Nyanko Koffi otherwise known as Fantana, she was indeed arrested and charged with grand theft but she did not steal anything as it has been reported.

She explained that the whole incident happened when she threw a bracelet belonging to her roommate in the garbageduring a fight. This, she stated got her roommate very angry and she ended up calling in the police.

But her roommate lied that she stole her bracelet instead of telling them what really happened.

She further stated that the bracelet she supposedly stole is valued at $300 dollars so she had to be charged with Grand Theft under the laws of Florida.

She again revealed that she paid her roommate back and that settled the case. This incident she reveals has thought her a lesson.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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