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Fans Troll Rihanna And Davido

Rihanna has taken a break from music to concentrate on her Fenty beauty makeup line and recently launched clothing line.

She however recently hinted on an album drop but later said it was a lie in a dramatic Instagram post.

Beyoncé’s recent album drop has caused her fans to react, asking when she will drop an album because they have waited long enough.

Rihanna shared a post to advertise her beauty products and a fan wasn’t having it. She tweeted “Can’t you see your mates dropping albums. Will I listen to lipstick?”.

Another fan quoted the same tweet and stated”Baby you need to drop an album. Beyoncé is besting is. You need to feature Davido”

Davido on the other hand is not having it easy as well. He has always been in some sort of ‘battle of supremacy” with Wizkid and his fans are upset he didn’t get featured in the “Love Letter to Africa “ album but his rival did.

He shared a post on his Twitter handle, asking for the scoreline of the finals match and the response are not what he expected. A fan replied his tweet saying “Boss why weren’t you featured in Beyoncé album? You throat get problem?

Looks like both Riri and Davido’s fans are absent that their rivals are shining while they are hiding in the shadows.