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Fameye’s Manager Speaks On His Recent Altercation With The Musician

Ogidi Brown, manager of artist Fameye details what actually caused the fight between Him and the artist.

Ogidgi, during an exclusive interview with Nana Kwame on Nakay TV had a lot to say concerning what happened.

He stated that Fameye asked to keep the money they get from shows because he believes his manager is rich and does not need the money. He added that the artist performed on several shows and did features with other artist without his consent.

He also revelled that Fameye became arrogant after his song ‘’Nothing I do’’, a song he, Ogidgi spent almost 120 million on. 

He further disclosed that Fameye embarked on trips without the OGB team and has had issues with almost everyone in the management team including Owen.

According to him, He bought Fameya and had to put his music career on hold in order to concentrate on him.

Speaking on the fight that went viral, the OGB Music Records Boss made it clear that Fameye did not slap him and that he wasn’t the one who shared the video of them fighting on social media.

He again disclosed that he might not continue their five-year contract because he has lost the love he had for the artist and also because Fameye has breached their contract.

watch interview below: