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Fameye Slaps His Manager During A Heated Argument

The fast-rising Ghanaian star Fameye, known for his hit song ‘Nothing I Get’ physically abused his manager in a recent video spotted on celebritiesbuzz on Instagram.

According to sources, the argument started when his manager confronted him concerning a breach of contract during his Europe Tour, but Fameye lost his cool and that was when the issue took a drastic turn.

Fameye played a show in his Europe Tour and His manager was supposed to collect the money, but He took the money on behalf of his manager which was apparentlynot the agreement they had.

When confronted by his manager to return the money, Fameye refused, and that was when the argument started where he landed hot slaps on his manager’s face.

A third part was seen trying to separate the two but Fameye returned back to where his manager was and slapped his multiple times.

Fans are not happy with his behaviour. Some called his ungrateful, and others stated that no matter the issue one shouldn’t goas far as slapping the other.

@reeferkingz ‘’Artist and ungratefulness’’

While others believe that something must have triggered his action, so it’s better to hear his side of the story first before judging.