“Everybody deserves a second chance” – Mawuli Younggod begs Fella Makafui to forgive MDK

Mawuli Younggod begs Fella Makafui to forgive MDK

AMG Business Signee, Mawuli Younggod, the protector of Medikal, has decided to beg on his behalf.

Taking to Twitter, he pleaded with Fella Makafui to please forgive Medikal and give him a second chance.

“@fellamakafui_ please give my father another chance🙏. He might have fucked up but he has learned from his mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance. We you in the name of God. Have Mercy 😭🙏 Everybody help me beg
@fellamakafui_ 🙏 nobody is perfect”

See screenshot below:

Even though they (Fella Makafui and Medikal) have not disclosed what actually caused their split, there are many theories that state various details about their split.

Well, in Ghana, some citizens are very happy after learning about their breakup, while some are saddened.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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