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Every Day Bag Essentials – Ladies

Story time. 

I was out one time with friends and just when the party started popping, I realised it was that time of the month and I didn’t have a sanitary napkin. To make matters worse, none of my friends had any either and man! My whole party mood came crushing down into tiny pieces. Just there than then I told myself ‘’henceforth you do not go anywhere without a sanitary in your bag.’’

Yours may not be a sanitary napkin. It could be a hair brush, a comb, perfume etc. The long and short of it all it that you need to have some essentials in your bag at all times, whether you are going to school, work, a party , a wedding or where ever.



Why did I mention money first when there are a whole lot of other items I could have mentioned? It’s simple! With money you can buy whatever you need when you don’t have any. In the case of my ordeal, I had money in my bag so I was able to get myself what I needed, and, problem solved!!Money also ensures that you will never be stuck in an unpleasant situation. 


We ladies love to brush our hair even when the slightest wind blows it in the wrong direction. It really can be a headache when you have to brush through your hair with your fingers because you forgot your brush at home, or tuck your hair to the back of your ears because you have no bobby pin or hair bun to hold it in place. Word of advice, NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR HAIR TOOLS, EVER!!


It’s sometimes impossible to know when your period will hit you. So you shouldn’t leave home without feminine product in your bag and when I say feminine products I don’t just mean a sanitary napkin but basic toiletries like a T-roll or tissue, wipes, sanitizers, hand cream etc.


If you are a make-up freak then you do not want to leave home without your make- up bag or basic make up supplies like your lipstick/ lip gloss, your foundation and powder. You almost never know when you have to be somewhere but cannot go home to get ready. 


I once went out without my phone charger and ear phones and I had to sit in traffic for almost an hour with a low battery, it was excruciating. Never leave the house without your charger and ear phones, why? Because when you can’t take any nonsense anymore or the pressure of sitting in traffic, you have yourself a fully charged battery and ear phones to help you escape into wonder land. Taking your iPad or laptop may also be of importance. And if you are like me who likes to copy movies , always have your flash drive with you.


I have friends who think carrying flats around is not lady like, but honey! Those heels could be weapons of mass destruction to you in certain situations. Flats are very important, consider them a backup plan. 


Yes love, you need to snack from time to time. A girl has to eat. You can stuff some snacks for when you get hungry or gum, to keep your mouth busy. Word of advice, choose gum with mint for fresh breath.

You can have the most expensive bag ever, but what is in it is what matters, not how expensive the bag it or which designer made it. The content of the bag is what will help you in times of need and not how much the bag cost.