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Evangelist Emmanuel Addai Accuses Otumfour Of Murdering His Brother (Video)

The Facebook Evangelist who many people have described as ‘a dead man walking’ has once again made an allegation about another person, and this time, it is none other than the Ashanti King himself, Otumfour Osie Tutu II.

Some few days ago, this same man accused actress Vivian Jill of sleeping with her own son and after all the insults and curses, he seems not to be fazed. He has now moved from accusing public figures to accusing a royal.

Yesterday RashGH reported on the death of Nana Fodour who happens to be the brother of the Ashanti King and according to the controversial Evangelist, Otumfour is behind the murder of his own brother.

In a video sighted on his Facebook page, the Evangelist claimed that the Asamponhene was murdered just like Ebony and DJ Arafat.

According to him, he knows this because a chief, just like the president does not travel alone.so he is surprised that Nana Fadour was traveling alone and even if he wasn’t, he does not understand why no other person(s) were reported hurt or dead.

This made his come to the conclusion that Asamonhene’s death was indeed a contract killing, adding that the Otumfour has a hand in his brother’s death.

According to reports by police officers, Nana Fadour was already death when they got to the scene after receiving a distress call about an accident.

Watch video below