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Efia Odo Slams Guru on Social Media

Guru has been missing in action for a while now. Well, he is back in the headlines and it’s not for the right reasons.

Guru shared a post on Twitter advising slay queens to start a popcorn business with their money rather than wasting it onstudio pictures because it will not get them husbands.

‘’studio pictures won’t bring u husband, save ur money and start popcorn business, dey will come and buy’’, he tweeted.

This obviously didn’t go down well with the Kwese TV presenter who fired shots at Guru for saying this. She replied that women do not post pictures on social media because they are looking for husbands.

‘’Seems like in this part of the world, a women should only aspire to be a wife, that’s sad. If someone dresses good or does photoshoots it doesn’t mean she’s looking for her husband. Maybe she wanna look good for herself and not necessarily be looking for the attention of a man’’.