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Efia Odo gets emotional as she talks about her father (Watch)

The beautiful Kwese TV presenter, Efia Odo Who is always in a good mood tears up when asked the whereabouts of her father.

During a radio interview on Hitz FM, She was asked why she talks about her mother all the time and never about her father.

Efia Odo, Who wasn’t expecting to be hit with such a question immediately broke down in tears.

After gaining her composure, she explained that she never really knew her father because her mother moved to the states with her for greener pastures while her father stayed in Ghana.

She further explained that not having a relationship with her father is no fault of his and that since she came to Ghana, she has been trying hard to start a relationship with him but it is not as easy as she thought. Adding that this issue is one of her demons she is currently battling.

Watch video below: