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Dr. Dre Is Mixing Eminem’s New Record

Dr. Dre and Mixing Eminem

Dr. Dre Is Mixing Eminem’s New Record

James Savage better known by his stage name Jayo Felony is considered the first and most successful mainstream rapper from San Diego. He is going to release a new album this year after an 18 years break. Working on this album, he learned something useful for him and exciting for all of us. He told during his appearance at West Coast News Network:c

I was fucking in the studio with Dr.Dre last week. He telling me he proud of me and shit. He was in the other room mixing Eminem’s record, I was in the other room making my new shit that I’m making with my bro with Dr.Dre on it.

Jayo Felony was also asked how it was to work with the legendary producer:

Oh man, it’s an experience. He makes sure that you’re gonna say every word as you are supposed to be saying. You gonna go over that shit thousand times if you’ve got to. It’s the perfectionist in him. I am just thankful to finally be around that atmosphere. I soak up all the game that I can and apply it to my label and to the artists I gonna put out.

Watch this bit below: