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Counselor Lutterodt speaks on being banned by Ghana Psychology Council


George Lutterodt, a controversial marriage and relationship counselor, has responded to the Ghana Psychology Council’s banning problem.

He said the Ghana Psychology Council could only ask him to stop describing himself as a counselor, but it could not ban him.

He added that the council cannot ban him from appearing on radio or tv stations because he does not belong to their association.

Counselor Lutterodt further stated that he is a pastoral counselor and has his certificates to prove that.

“All that’s happening I see it as vindictiveness, there are other people on tv and radio calling themselves counselors but they’ve not written to the media about them, why only me George Lutterodt, every day George Lutterodt, why?

I am a pastoral counselor. I have certificates, I have learned and still learning. I was trained by a school.

If the Ghana Psychology Council like, they can take their counselor name, but they can never ban me. In case they don’t know, I was trained by a school and has certificates to show.

The Ghana Psychology Council cannot ban me in this country, I don’t belong to their association. They cannot ban me until I die”,

Counselor Lutterodt angrily lamented.