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Counselor Lutterodt At It Again- He Calls Fella Makafui Is A Disgrace​ To Ewe’s

The controversial marriage counselor does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to expressing his opinions.

During an interview with Roselyn of TV African, counselor Lutterodt slammed actress Fella Makafui for allowing Medikal to introduce her as his girlfriend.

He stated during the interview that, anyone who allows him or herself to be introduced as a girlfriend or boyfriend is a disgrace and to solidify his claims he used the issue of Fella Makafui and Medikal as an example saying, that Medikal introduced Sister Deborah on stage as his girlfriend and not too long after, he introduces Fella as his girlfriend.

He called Fella a disgrace to Ewe’s for allowing herself to be introduced as a girlfriend stating that Ewe’s do not behave that way.

The controversy counselor later claimed that Ewe girls are the most faithful girls in Ghana.

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