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Counsellor Lutherodt Descends Heavily On Becca’s Mother For The First Time

The controversial counsellor has finally added his voice to the recent predicament between Musician Becca and her Mother.

Looks like the issue between Becca and her mother has come to stay. 

Since this issue started, celebrities and well as fans have showed their support to either Becca or her mother and the counsellor seems to have taken a stand as well.

During an interview on TV Africa, the controversial counsellor called Becca’s mother a liar and that, He doesn’t know why she will speak about her daughter in such a way.

He made some shocking revelations which seem personal. When asked why he has so much convection in what he is saying even though he does not leave in the same house with them, He stated that his information comes from a trusted source.

‘’what am saying am saying it with authority. Quote me very where…. And I will give you my source’’.

But when he was asked to disclose his source, he refused.

He also disclosed that Becca’s husband gave Madam Juliana, Becca’s mother a whopping $10,000 dollars.

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