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Wardrobe malfunctioning is not a new phrase in the world of fashion and the latest victim is none other than Belcalis marlenis Almánzar who is professionally known as Cardi B.

During Cardi B’s performance at Bonnaroo, her many-coloured jumpsuit ripped in half, but that did not stop the talented artist from performing. She gave an amazing performance in a bath robe and that; I must say was bold because many would have put the show on hold but she did not. I won’t be surprised if this becomes a new trend. #bathrobeperformance.

Funs are however blaming Fashion Nova for manufacturing cheap clothes. This rumour has yet to be confirmed. Others also attributed the malfunction to her implant due to her recent complication over cosmetic surgery which she spoke about days ago. 

Share your thoughts on the new bathrobe trend.

written by Innocentia