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Brother of alleged ‘sakawa’ boy spotted at Kejetia market speaks

Some few days ago we reported on an alleged “Sakawa” boy who was spotted at Kejetia market behaving strangely which caused a stir in the market as people were stunned.

In the video, the young man was seen making some weird gesture whiles reciting some words which were not audible. Many of the people who had gathered around him were of the view that he had gone for ‘sakawa’ and because of his inability to offer sacrifice, he is going mad.

Well, a brother of the young man has spoken and explained what really happened clarifying that his brother is not a “sakawa” boy as being perceived.

He stated: “Lemme end this. I saw the video yesterday. Went off social media cos I couldn’t take the calls anymore.

First and foremost, He isn’t into Sakawa. And I can say that for a fact. Like I keep saying, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

According to his brother with the username @Kofi_Akwaboah on Twitter, the young man who is a footballer went to Europe sometime in 2010 only for them to hear he has been arrested by the police.

Four years later, he was deported back to Ghana and since then he has been behaving strangely adding that they thought he was joking at first but later realized it was serious and have been seeking help since but still haven’t gotten a permanent solution.

He posted: “He went to Europe in 2010. Was all about football only for us to hear he’s in Police custody. What! The next minute he was in Ghana. That’s around 2014. After that incident, he has never been the same. At first we thought it’s a joke but Chale, we have tried and we ain’t stopping”

See screenshots of his post below: