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Becca sends an emotional message to her husband to mark their wedding anniversary


On 18 August 2018, Ghanaian songstress Rebecca Akosua Acheampong ( Becca ), got married to renowned Nigerian artist manager, Tobi Sanni Daniel.

The two have been through some rough times ever since and have been a topic of discussion by many especially in recent times when the whole ‘family feud’ started.

The couple however, did not let the unfortunate happenings destroy their relationship. They continued to love each other and grew stronger with each passing day.

Today marks their one year marriage anniversary and Becca has sent a heartfelt message to her husband via Instagram and it is just…..Perfect.

The two where also spotted dancing while cruising on a boat at an unknown location.

Here is everything you need to see:

It’s our anniversary @drtobisannidaniel 
In 2015 after knowing you 7 years you took my hands at Central Park, New York looked right into my eyes and said… “Becca I know this may sound funny but given the chance I do not want to date you, I want to marry you” I laughed in awe, it was flattering and weird at the same time. I remember blushing and still thinking hmmm this man has so much confidence. 
That phase passed, you became my comforter then you became my confidant and then we become best friends and then we became gossip partners and then lovers and then you became my husband. Oh! how I wish the whole world would know the sort of man you are, so well brought up, Loving, caring, intelligent, a problem solver and oh my man is a SHARK! 
Mere words Dr Oluwatobi Sanni-Daniel cannot describe what I feel and how I feel about you. You comfort me when i feel down, you are always next to me when things feel like they have falling apart, you understand what I’m thinking and how I’m thinking even before I open my mouth to say it, you scold me when need be it and still give me a big hug of encouragement, you don’t hesitate to applaud me with excitement when I have achieved something even when it’s so little. You simply allow me to be me with no filter. See, love is not complicated, it’s finding your best friend and living a lifetime with them. My husband, people may look at us and may or may not be happy for us but who cares after-all, the institution of marriage Is about the happiness of the two of us and we are the only ones who can make this work aside the almighty God and I pray His divine intervention in our marriage now and forever more. (Thank God I went through marriage counseling at church 😂🙏) Our marriage will and must be a testimony in Jesus name! From the left and right they will come in a thousand folds but only with our eyes will we see their rewards. Let God lead us!! God is alive and we serve him. Yes! Yes yes!! I know how much you love God. Oh guys his other name is Pastor Tobi! 😊mehn he’s a preacher. Such a romantic as well.. Oh guys to top all he gave me the most intelligent and beautiful baby girl in the world. Thnk you God!