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‘Ask Me Better Questions’- Kofi Adjorlolo Fires Journalist

Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo went mad recently when he called out about seven producers who have not paid him after engaging his services.

According to him, many Ghanaian producers shamelessly refuse to pay actors after they render their services to them and angrily asked them to respect themselves and do the needful because he’s now ‘hungry.’

He said:

“Some of the producers in Ghana here, they should respect themselves…old man like me, they call me to come and work and they can’t pay me…”

“About seven producers in this country owe me monies…why? And then I’m sitting at home, I’m hungry, and then when I’m sick too nobody pays attention…Look we have elderly people lying down on their sickbeds and these producers owe them,” Mr Adjorlolo revealed.

At this juncture, the JoyNews journalist who was conducting the interview also got his share of Kofi’s anger by telling him to ask good questions after he posed to him if indeed he’s worth $800,000.

Watch the video below: