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Asap Rocky Pleads Not Guilty To Assault

ASAP Rocky has been in Swedish Custody after turning himself in for the part he played in a street fight in Stockholm. He was charged with assault and facing two years in prison.

Rocky and two other suspects have been held in police custody after the fight which took place on 30 June, they claim they were acting in self defense.

A lot of Americans have asked for the release of the rapper and Kanye West visited the US President, Trump concerning the issue. He said he has spoken to the Prime Minister of Sweden to intervene.

ASAP Rocky’s trial took place in front of four judges. The trial is scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but it could finish before then if things go on well.

The rapper has entered a not guilty plea in Swedish court to the charge of assault.

A lawyer for one of the rapper’s co-defendants claims he has new evidence which could proof the trio are not guilty.