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American advert from 1970 that calls Black hair and skin bad and inferior pops up (Video)

An old advert from America that portrayed white skin and hair as better than that of Black people has surfaced and is causing a great stir.

The video was sighted by rashgh.com on the official social media handle of Falla In Versace. The account published the video with the tag:

This is an ad in the 1970s. Black women being told dark skin & kinky hair is ugly & lighter skin & straight hair is beautiful. The self hat3 has been passed on from generation to generation.

Any black woman who wears a weave/wig or straightens her hair & bleaches hat3s herself. READ ALSO: True Black Beauty: African model with deep Black skin breaks the internet with stunning photos

Watch the full video below:

In the advert, Black women were captured in very sad moods, painting the picture that they did not like how they were looking and needed a solution.

A male voice in the background then speaks about the solution the Black women need, assuring them of getting a lovelier and lighter skin by using the products.