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Afia Schwar’s Boyfriend Explains How She Stole His Gold Chain

When Afia Schwar was accused of stealing jewelry from one Johnny in the US, she debunked these allegations and stated that she did not even know the guy.

Later, Videos of Afia being sacked from a house after allegedly stealing jewelry in the USA and another one of her assulting someone emerged.

Fast forward, Johnny, the guy she allegedly stole from has finally decided to voice out his own version of what happened.

According to him, he has been dating Afia Schwar for months now and they were getting ready to be engaged.

Speaking on how his gold chain was stolen, he revealed that Afia’s sister, It was Afia’s sister, Maame Serwaa who first asked Afia to put on the chain because it matched her church dress .

She later refused to give it back to him because she was upset he did not accompany her to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Afia later told him she had lost the chain, and he was not angry until he saw the chain around her neck in a recent picture

Watch below:


source: ghpage